Saturday, May 8, 2010

In Wonderland

I've got a few more pages uploaded in the albums.  Lots of paint flying around here but most of it is pink and on the girl child's walls.

I started my In Wonderland series I've been toying around with.  Yes I know, everyone is doing Wonderland right now.  Maybe that's why I can't stop thinking about it.  Its everywhere, even in my dreams.  So I started these two canvases. 

Eat me

Drink me.

Eat me is considerably further along.  They both still have a long way to go.  Lots more media to be added, color, shadows, reflections.  Gods, I love art.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I kind of forgot to blog.  For three months.  You know how it goes, oversleep one day and it's months before you finally catch up.

Anyways, I started a new journal.  I'm still working in A Little Piece of Me, but now I'm also keeping a Negativity Journal.  I purge out bad thoughts, paint and collage all over them, title it and move on.  It's been very freeing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

In the zone

That's where I've been lately.  Working in the new journal, making tiny books.  I get going and the next thing I know it's 3 am. 

The new journal is huge!  I didn't realize how much bigger it is than my old journal until I started working and hoo boy it's bigger.  It's taking a lot of getting used to but I'm enjoying the new challenge. 

I've also noticed a more cohesive feel to it that my previous journal.  No matter how I start, I always come off with a similar feel, if not a similar look.  I painted a page a glossy black in preparation for tomorrow when I plan to try to break the similarity.

Here are two teeny prototype journals.  I have one more that is in the style I decided to to go with.  I'm having so much fun making these, here's hoping that lasts until I get a bunch finished.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Stinking cold

It's been snowing here.  Snowing!  I love it, burrowing down with the kids and old movies, attempting to make snowmen and snowballs.  Great fun.  Until I got slammed with the cold that won't die.  Urgh.  While being snowed in at least I finished Journal the Original.  I have an odd sense of finality while at the same time am thoroughly excited about starting the new journal.  Here are the final pages.


And I out myself as the complete geek I am.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed in

Not much going on but playing with new supplies.  I got some beeswax and new watercolor pencils and I've been having myself a good time in the journal.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back in the saddle

Ugh, after battling intense, eye popping pain for a few days, I am getting back in the swing of things.  Of course now I feel a cold coming on.  Oh well.  I start a drawing class tonight.  I'm a little nervous, I haven't had an art class since the seventh grade but I think it will be good for me.

The lady is coming along swimmingly.  A few tweeks and adjustments and I think she'll be complete. 

Here's some journal pages from the past few days, thank goodness I do backgrounds in advance so when I can't sit at my worktable due to pain, I can still journal lol!




Saturday, January 23, 2010

In the zone

I have been sucked into a piece I'm working on.  It has been calling to me throughout the day and anytime I had a minute, I ran up to the studio to add a stroke of paint or a layer of tissue.  She is quite a bit further along than this picture I took last night.  Her branches are done and the base layers are all painted.  I love how her body and face are coming along, her hair needs a bit more tightening up and she needs a  bit more background depth.  I'm a bit of a flighty painter, if it takes to long I generally get bored and do something else which is why I love my art journal so much.  But this lady is calling to me with her deep roots, hair of flames, luscious hips.  And of course it's the weekend so there are three rugrats all over, wanting snacks and to be entertained.  I comply but a rather large piece of my mind is up in my tiny studio, listening to the call of my muse. For the first time in a long time I find myself longing for Monday and the quiet that comes along when the school bus pulls away.

Here is yesterdays spread in my journal.  I did another page but I won't share it, it's too personal.  I'm not one to hide my feelings or thoughts, my journal is open for anyone with a computer to read.  I'm not perfect and I've made mistakes and had some pretty shitty stuff go down in my life but I don't mind sharing that, it's our experiences that make us stronger and more human.  But the thoughts I had late last night were about something that is not my story to tell.  And while I'm an open book I will repect the privacy of others and not share personal information without their permission.