Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's get this show on the road

Ok here's the deal.  I've tried blogging many many times over the years.  Usually I get a post or two in, maybe even keep going for a week or two and then I stop.  I decided that this year I want to keep a log of my projects.  I already use Ravelry for my knitting projects and that works great but wouldn't it be nice to keep track of all the varied and sundry bits of crap I do?  So that is where this blog comes in.  I'm not sure what direction this is going to head in but that's part of the fun.  So here's goes nothing.

Here's a background I worked on yesterday.  Not my favorite but since it was a coverup job for a hoooorrible background, not too bad.  Acrylic paint, masking tape, collage, and stamps.

And an actual page I did, She's a bit of a lonely girl.  Acrylic paint with a touch of watercolor pencil for accent and to make her blend more into the page.  Pen is a Zig Millenium.

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